Our Story

We believe that planning and scheduling is an untapped opportunity

to significantly improve plant and company performance. 


Nine years ago, the people behind Phenix started sister company Zinata as a supply chain advisory company. We quickly began to realize that production planning and scheduling at the plant level was a blind spot in the supply chain. Our customers were experiencing major performance losses due to unoptimized changeovers and incorrect inventory levels.    

We started to help our customers implement Product Wheel scheduling in Excel, and we typically saw 20 – 30% throughput increases in 3 – 6 months. The problem was that the gains were not sustainable. The Excel-based solutions were brittle and complicated. Rescheduling to accommodate changes was particularly inefficient.   

We looked around for suitable scheduling software solutions and, finding nothing, decided to build our own. By 2018 our software solution was ready for production, and we have had customers using it since. So in early 2020, we spun off Phenix Software as a stand-alone entity with the mission to develop the best planning and scheduling software for process manufacturers. 

We engaged a team with world-class experience scheduling everything from small production sites to billion-dollar global businesses, and world-class software expertise. We’ve built and proven the best Product Wheel based scheduling software out there. And we’ve introduced Aligned Product Wheels, extending traditional Product Wheels with inventory and production design capabilities. 


We make excellence in scheduling accessible to all. 


Our customers are up and running in weeks, not months. We’ve taken a fragmented, complex picture and come up with an integrated, easy to understand approach.


Our People  

Alan Nall

Head of Delivery

Former P&G, DuPont ,

CI, Supply Chain Integration  

John Peberdy


Former CTO Charly 

SaaS architecture expert 

Noel Peberdy

Founder and Co-CEO

Founded successful manufacturing

and supply chain advisory companies

Mac Jacob

Head of Product

Former P&G Group Director 

Global Supply Network Ops 

Eric Van Roekel

Phenix Implementation Consultant

Former P&G Human Resource Director, Value Stream Manager, Materials, Process and Delivery Leader

Peter King

Principal Consultant

Internationally recognized lean

scheduling expert and author 

Oleksandr Velykoivanenko

Principal Mathematician

Former P&G supply chain 

optimization expert 

Tim Ollivier

Sales Executive

Former IAG Consulting, SAP account exec 

Kathy Skinner

Phenix Implementation Consultant

Former P&G Global Process Leader for Supply Network Pillar, DRP, and Site Integrated Planner

Tracy Koosiarek

Head of Customer Operations

Former P&G Director Site Supply Chain, Logistics, & Packaging 

Tony Alonso

Head of Integration

Former P&G IT Senior Manager 

Cheryl Boerjan

Phenix Implementation Consultant

Former P&G Supply Network Operations Director

Phenix Board of Advisors

Mike Wittman

Former VP Supply Chain J&J Consumer, Former Chief Supply Chain Officer, Pinnacle Foods 

Peter King

Internationally recognized lean scheduling expert & author, former DuPont lean expert

Doug Lawson

Current CEO at ThinkIQ, experienced entrepreneur with a track record of creating successful businesses

John Theron

Started and grown multiple successful manufacturing software companies

Trevor Miles

PhD in planning, former thought leader and VP Strategy for Kinaxis. Advisor to SAP for supply chain planning

Tony Martins

Accomplished supply chain turnaround artist. Expert in simplification, and breakthrough digital – people capabilities



175+ Years of Combined Expertise in Manufacturing and Supply Chain Improvement 


Our team has worked for some of the most respected supply chain organizations, including P&G and DuPont. 


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