Benefits and Features

A solution that leverages existing knowledge and industry best practices to revolutionize production strategy and scheduling processes, bringing a steady rhythm and ripple impact across the entire supply chain.


Why Phenix Planning and Scheduling?

Excellence in Scheduling

Remove inefficiency. Eliminate overtime, extra shifts, time wasted in changeovers, and optimize your lines using a straightforward, sustainable approach.

Increase Throughput

Phenix is based on Product Wheel scheduling, the leading method to increase revenue and service levels without additional capital. 

Predictable and Agile

Say ‘goodbye’ to chaos. Introduce a stable, repeating rhythm and process for the entire supply chain making it easier to manage rush orders or unexpected challenges.

Better and Faster Decisions

Use accurate, easy to understand information to make balanced trade-off decisions that meet your business objectives.

Product Features

Production Strategy Design and Execution

Uncover hidden value by creating a production strategy powered by advanced algorithms to achieve your supply chain goals. Fine-tune your strategy as conditions change.

  • Structured process balances capacity, inventory, and service.
  • Model alternative production strategies incorporating data on equipment, products, materials, and changeover attributes.
  • Advanced algorithms recommend production frequencies.
  • Simulations predict inventory and costs to meet service levels.
  • Automatic integration with production scheduling ensures synchronization and consistency.

Excellence in Scheduling 

Using Product Wheel methodology, Phenix designs the optimal way to run your lines, providing a consistent scheduling process that improves the rhythm of production and boosts your Overall Equipment Effectiveness. The complexity of scheduling is transformed into a streamlined, straightforward approach.

  • Create and execute a regularly repeating, fixed sequence of production.
  • Follow the ideal sequences, line assignments, frequencies, cycles, and order quantities that you designed.
  • Have visibility to attributes, changeovers, consumption, resource requirements and constraints.
  • Attribute based changeover rules make it easy to accurately account for changeover time and cost.
  • Analytical work to optimize scheduling is automated and presented to the scheduler for decision-making.

Easily Adapt to the Unexpected

Gain the flexibility to quickly respond to the unexpected, enabling you to meet your business objectives regardless of what surprises come your way.

  • Data presented in an intuitive way supports fast, informed decision-making as it needs to happen.
  • Automatic realignment with the production strategy as unexpected challenges are managed.
  • Visibility of anticipated constraints, such as critical material availability, insufficient team members, insufficient capacity, or exceeding warehouse space.
  • Fast and flexible data import, freeing up scheduler capacity to focus on higher value activities.

“Phenix puts a lot of the information at our fingertips, in context – so we can make good decisions in a heartbeat. It allows our supervisors and managers to react to unplanned downtime and make informed scheduling decisions at the end of each day without having to reengage the master scheduler after hours.  This allows us to eliminate long shifts in the middle of the week and still complete our needed schedule with less overtime.”

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Quick and Straightforward Implementation

We believe software should be useful on day one. Easily import your master data and apply your unique scheduling and changeover rules. Our team is eager to assist in implementation to ensure you start to see value, fast. 

  • Cloud-based software that is easy to use and maintain.
  • Fast and straightforward process to load master data.
  • Understandable master data and intuitive data structure.
  • Seamless integration with existing ERP systems.
  • Support and services to address unique challenges, goals, and constraints to ensure quick time-to-value.

Ingrained Sustainability

Training and ongoing support from our professional services team makes for a smooth transition to Phenix and ensures our customers have confidence in using it to design, implement and maintain processes.

  • Powerful, intuitive algorithms apply advanced mathematics ‘under the hood’ making it easy for anyone to execute and maintain the benefits.
  • Scheduling best practices are built in.
  • Capability development and training ensures self-sufficiency and sustainability.
  • Integrated change management accelerates adoption.
  • Supporting documentation and training resources at your fingertips.

The process addressed our real concerns and involved us in the solutions.  We felt committed to using each new change because it fixed a real issue.

Jaci Souza, Packaging Director – Nature’s Bounty

Additional Features

Holistic Approach

  • Intuitive and easy to use scheduling dashboard.
  • Understands all of your products, lines and scheduling characteristics.
  • Applies Wheel sequencing to current production and new orders.
  • Bridges silos between forecasting, manufacturing planning, scheduling and execution.

Advanced Functionality

  • Schedule designer, including line assignments, cycles, and sequences.
  • Continuous background safety stock simulations to improve manufacturing planning quality and reliability.
  • Advanced group replenishment algorithms to define the optimum production frequencies for related products.
  • Multi-level scheduling, upstream and downstream work centers.
  • Inventory and cost simulation scenarios, including new production needs.

Built-In Agility

  • Visibility of capacity and utilization.
  • Visibility to constraints, such as staffing, equipment, warehouse space, or critical component requirements.
  • Easy to use features for typical planning and scheduling actions.
  • Visibility to the impact of different product allocations to lines.
  • Easy to update and understand the master data, allowing you to adapt quickly to the current environment.

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