Scheduling Software for Food Manufacturing

The only scheduling software designed for food manufacturers that currently use Excel to schedule.

Better Production Scheduling is Urgent

Maintaining customer service has never been more challenging. Much of the pressure falls to the scheduler who is juggling many balls every day as suppliers let you down, team members stay home – and those rush orders have to get out regardless.

The scheduler deserves better than Excel. Phenix will help you juggle the balls quicker and better, improving service and reducing cost way better than Excel ever could.

Really Easy to Set Up

Unlike other scheduling software that takes weeks or months to implement, with Phenix you can be up and running today! This six-minute video covers all the steps needed to get up and running today. See the Resources section for more guides.


Step Up from Excel

In Excel, a lot of things are difficult, like calculating capacity loss due to changeovers. Phenix is designed to make the basics easy and unlock new capabilities, for example improving the schedule through AI changeover minimization.  

  • Visual scheduling boosts scheduler productivity.
  • Changeover losses are displayed in context.
  • An AI-driven schedule reduces changeover costs.

Your Production Schedule is Your Manufacturing Heartbeat.
Keep it healthy!

Key Features of Phenix Scheduling:

Better schedules through AI sequencing to reduce losses due to changeovers

Better business decisions through collaboration, information visibility and color coding

Flexible import and export make loading and keeping your data up to date a breeze

Advanced features available to address your unique scheduling challenges

What to Expect When you Sign Up

  1. See our Pricing page and select the plan that’s right for you.
  2. After sign up, you can schedule your free one-hour onboarding meeting. 
  3. Then, check your email for a link to complete registration.
  4. Once inside Phenix, help is always available on the sidebar through documentation links, and help desk support.

Get 1 hour of consulting for free, with Phenix Scheduler Standard for $99 per month

See Phenix in action

Additional Resources

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