Get started immediately with Visual Scheduling. Add AI-driven Sequence Scheduling to reduce changeover costs. Fully optimize production with Aligned Product Wheel Scheduling,  balancing fill rates (service), cost of changeovers, and inventory.

Easy Drag and Drop Scheduling

Visual Timeline

See Unlimited Product Characteristics 

Easy import and export of Excels and CSVs

Schedule to Achieve Due Dates

Schedule using AI to Reduce Changeovers

Scheduling using Aligned Product Wheels

Aligned Product Wheel Design

Balance Cost, Cash, Service

Make to Stock Incl. Inventory Graphs

Finished Product MRP

Resource and Component Consumption

Capacity Workbench 

Prod. Workbench & Schedule Adherence

Phenix Forecaster

Full Implementation Assistance

ERP Connection with SFTP

SAP Connector


Production Lines

Visual Scheduling


Per Month

1 user, 1 line

Get up and running quickly with Phenix Scheduling.

1 User

1 Line

With AI Sequencing


Per user/per month

Up To 5 lines
30 Day Free Trial

Includes one hour of consulting.
Recommended for Food Mfg Scheduling.
Expandable with planning functionality.

Optional Addon

Optional Addon

Optional Addon

Optional Addon


Includes 1

Up to 5

aligned product wheel scheduling


per month

UnlimitEd Users

Optimize all changeovers and inventory, and align production with your customer service, cost, and working capital goals.

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Unlimited Users

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