Product Wheel Scheduling

Discover an increase in usable manufacturing capacity, improved customer delivery performance, and up to 30% more manufacturing throughput – using the same resources at the same cost.

More Efficient Changeovers

Assign products to families and identify the ideal sequence of production for fewer, less complex changeovers that save you valuable time and resources.

“The Product Wheel schedule is so powerful that you will notice when it’s not being followed. A couple of months ago our throughput numbers went down… I went to the planning manager and asked her, ‘are we following the product wheel?’ Her response was no, due to an issue. I knew right away that the Product Wheel schedule was not being followed since our changeovers had been reduced by 20% when we implemented it.”

Adelino Rivera FLA Operations Director – Nature’s Bounty

Balanced Inventory

Optimize your inventory model with wheel design to meet service and working capital goals with visibility to how much inventory will be needed to support demand until the next cycle. 

“Product Wheels created a discipline in our scheduling process that has opened up opportunities for more detailed planning and self-management for the production team”

Inventory Manager – AFP advanced food products llc.


Cycle Times and Frequencies That Meet Target Levels

Gain more predictable and consistent operations by producing the right amount at the right frequency using a repeatable sequence of production optimized to meet your business objectives.

 “The process for creating the Product Wheels allowed us to see why we were having issues in our production environment. The Product Wheels gave us a process so that we can respond to the changing needs of our customers yet not lose our way on the routine items.”

Operations Director – BG Products

A Product Wheel (also called Production Wheel) is a structured, regularly repeating sequence of the production of all of the materials to be made on a specific piece of equipment within a process system or on an entire production line. 

Key Features of Product Wheels Methodology:

Schedules are optimized for minimum changeover loss.


The sequence and overall cycle time are fixed and optimized based on business priorities.

Low volume products are made at the frequency where cost of production balances cost of inventory.

Make-to-order and make-to-stock products can be intermixed on the schedule.

Find out what major manufacturers like DuPont, Dow, and Appvion have long recognized: Product Wheels have the ability to transform your production scheduling, resulting in improved Overall Equipment Efficiency, higher throughput, and increased ability to meet market demand. 

Working alongside our Partner Zinata Inc., our team members are recognized as lean manufacturing thought leaders and strive to help companies reap the benefits of Product Wheel schedulingZinata’s leading team member, Peter L. King, is a globally acknowledged expert on Product Wheel scheduling, international advisor to leading manufacturing companies, theoretician, and practitioner who has notched up tens of millions of dollars in annual improvements in chemical, food, and nutraceutical plants. He’s also the author of the definitive book on the subject 

The Best Way to Schedule with Product Wheels:

Phenix Planning and Scheduling

The day-to-day scheduling process should be tailored to take full advantage of the predictability and improved sequencing from Product Wheels. Phenix Planning and Scheduling is the best way to design, schedule, and maintain Wheels as demand and operating conditions change. Routine operations becoming straight-forward and less time-consuming, allowing more time to deal with exceptions and improvements. 


Phenix can help your company experience the full value of Product Wheel Scheduling


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