Planning and Scheduling Software for Process Manufacturing

Phenix Planning and Scheduling software uses AI and Aligned Product Wheels™ to optimize changeovers and inventory, and align production with the business’s customer service, cost and working capital goals.

Phenix Aligned Product Wheels

Aligned Product Wheels™ extend Product Wheels by aligning schedules with business goals and market conditions. 

Product Wheels Enable Lean Scheduling

Phenix Product Wheels assign product families to lines and optimize the production sequence to minimize changeover loss. Cycle times are scheduled to balance the cost of changeovers and inventory. The wheels introduce a rhythm that simplifies and stabilizes production.

Product Wheels methodologies have captured 15 years of Master Scheduler tribal knowledge and complexity into the Phenix Tool for expansion of our business and transference of the scheduling function.”

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Aligned Product Wheels Align the Plant with the Business

Inventory Design considers the demand variability and volume of each product to determine inventory levels, aligning production with market conditions. Production Design aligns schedules with the business’s customer service, cost and working capital objectives.

Phenix puts a lot of the information at our fingertips, in context – so we can make good decisions in a heartbeat. This really makes a difference on unexpected changes.

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Scheduling and Rescheduling is Lean, Aligned and Optimized

Phenix allows schedulers to create new schedules in seconds leveraging the Aligned Product Wheel™ capabilities. Schedulers can also reschedule manually and immediately see the time and cost impact. Schedulers can now align the plant with the business and optimize all changeovers and all inventory all the time!

The Phenix scheduling tool allows our supervisors and managers to react to unplanned downtime and make informed scheduling decisions at the end of each day without having to reengage the master scheduler after hours. This allows us to eliminate long shifts in the middle of the week and still complete our needed schedule with less overtime.”

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Find out what major manufacturers like DuPont, Dow, and Appvion have long recognized: Product Wheels have the ability to transform your production scheduling, resulting in improved Overall Equipment Efficiency, higher throughput, and increased ability to meet market demand. 

Working alongside our Partner Zinata Inc., our team members are recognized as lean manufacturing thought leaders and strive to help companies reap the benefits of Product Wheel schedulingZinata’s leading team member, Peter L. King, is a globally acknowledged expert on Product Wheel scheduling, international advisor to leading manufacturing companies, theoretician, and practitioner who has notched up tens of millions of dollars in annual improvements in chemical, food, and nutraceutical plants. He’s also the author of the definitive book on the subject 

Phenix can help your company experience the full value of Product Wheel Scheduling


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