Cloud based production scheduling solutions for process manufacturing

Visual Scheduling


Phenix Basic Edition

Visual Scheduling


Import and schedule orders to achieve due dates. Analyze using the color-coded timeline and order list and drag and drop to update the schedule.

Attribute-Based Changeover Model 


Configure changeover rules and run rates to model schedule performance and get feedback on the impact of schedule changes 

AI Scheduling


Phenix Professional Edition (Includes Basic Edition)

AI Driven Changeover Minimization


Use Phenix Genetic Algorithm AI to sequence orders to minimize changeover time and costs.

Inventory Optimization


See inventory levels while scheduling and use Phenix simulation capability to optimize inventory levels.  

Resources and Raw Materials


See the raw materials and resources needed for your schedule and be alerted to schedule problems due to resource conflicts.   

Aligned Product Wheel Scheduling


Phenix Enterprise Edition (Includes Professional Edition)

Cycle Time Optimization


Cycle times balance the cost of changeovers and inventory, and frequencies accommodate high and low volume products.   

Cellular Manufacturing


Products are grouped into families that run well together, assigned to production lines, and scheduled together. 

Production Rhythm


Cycle times are harmonized to ensure practical repetitive schedules well accepted by plant personnel.  

Business Alignment 


Schedules can be tuned to maximize throughput, minimize cost, or minimize inventory to align with business goals.   

Optional Add-ons


(Can be added to Professional and Enterprise Editions.)

Closed Loop Scheduling


Track actual schedule performance to react in real time to schedule problems and improve schedule performance.   

Capacity Workbench


Understand and address weekly capacity problems due to excessive demand, or raw material and resource constraints.   



Generate demand forecasts using forecasting algorithms selected to optimize forecast quality.   

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