Elevate Repetitive flexible Supply
with Phenix Planning and Scheduling


Repetitive flexible Supply (RfS) has a rich legacy in process manufacturing. With a steady rhythm to production, companies are able to gain the predictability needed to meet their supply chain goals. Phenix Planning and Scheduling is uniquely suited to planning and executing your RfS journey.


Why Repetitive flexible Supply?

Focus on Scheduling

RfS recognizes that Excellence in Scheduling is critical to improving the operation of the whole system. The rubber hits the road of your production strategy in scheduling.

Introduces the Drumbeat of Production

The regularly repeating sequence introduces a stable, predictable rhythm and process for the entire supply chain, creating a solid base for easier management of rush orders and unexpected challenges.

Classification of Products

Family grouping, ABC analysis, or the Glenday Sieve are an important part of thoughtful line allocation and sequence definition, increasing efficiency and guiding improvement efforts.

An Iterative Process

We have deep experience implementing RfS at manufacturing plants of every size and can guide you through the process.

Two Ways to Implement RfS

In complex environments, RfS works better with software

In high-SKU count environments, the use of Excel is not optimal. Specialized software greatly improves production efficiency and planners’ efficiency.

  • Increase efficiency with the intentional design of sequences and frequencies.
  • Easily and effortlessly drop ERP orders into the appropriate sequence.
  • Plan for success with capacity modeling and inventory simulation.
  • Scalable, teachable process that can be applied across multiple lines.
  • Rapid implementation with minimal training required, and ongoing support at your fingertips.




The best of RfS for your environment 

Our consulting partners at Zinata Inc. have decades of experience implementing RfS concepts in a range of environments. Together, let’s take a close look at your plant’s planning and scheduling to determine the best RfS approach for your unique environment.

  • We’ve done it before.
  • Flexible engagement models tailored to your unique goals.

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